Titanium Code Processor version 0.2.2 released

New Features

  • Added a new option "processUnvisitedCode"
  • Removed support for event tags because they were not being used

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed property references on Ti objects being ignored
  • Improved maximum recursion detection/handling to avoid maximum call stack exceeded exceptions
  • Lots of small bug fixes dealing with unknown values

The new "processUnvisistedCode" option tells the code processor to analyze any unvisited code after it has finished it's normal run of code. This makes the code processor work like a hybrid of static and dynamic analysis. Fast runs of the code processor can be achieved by setting "processUnvisistedCode" to true and "invokeMethods" to false. At this point the code processor is a mostly static analyzer, so it analyzes quickly and has great coverage, but at the cost of accuracy.