The Escapist and Penny Arcade on Beckett and Monet

The most recent comic from Critical Miss is a spoof on if Tim Burton did a film adaptation of "Waiting for Godot". Without spoiling the punch-line, the strip is spot-on hilarious that works on several layers. To get the joke, though, it is necessary to be at least passingly familiar with the play, which, by the way, is one of my favorite stage plays. The comments were certainly quite interesting. One the one hand, I was surprised by how many people on a gaming website were familiar with the play, but on the other, there were still many comments that showed a general lack of understanding of the play and its meaning.

As if to pre-empt this though, I had also just finished reading the latest Penny Arcade strip that perfectly captured the reaction of the general masses to high art like Monet. Suffice to say, it perfectly described the reaction to "Waiting for Godot" that I saw at The Escapist. I love these little moments where art seems to comment on other art without ever intending to.