My Cognitive Dissonance on Gender in Depression Quest

First of all, I have to say that Depression Quest is good. Really good. Really really good. Amazingly, heartbreakingly, touchingly, astoundingly, incredibly fucking good. It’s »

You are privileged (and so am I and so is everyone)

I had a great discussion with some friends the other day, and I felt like writing about it. It’s no secret that I care a »

I saw “Fifty Shades of Grey” and I have thoughts

I hadn’t originally planned on watching Fifty Shades of Grey. I knew going in that its depictions of sex and kink were problematic, that its »

My Journey to “Someone” [or] On the Terribleness of Silicon Valley

Last week, I gave a talk at ForwardJS, and it seemed to be pretty well received. This was the first time I gave a “soft” talk »

Moving to Medium, Kinda

You may have noticed that things have been kinda quite around here lately. Well, I've moved to Medium for my blogging. This is mostly because I »

Why I'm moving back to GitHub

I left GitHub a few months ago, to the extent possible. I wrote at the time: Trust is easily lost, but hard won. GitHub has lost »

On #GamerGate

I had not originally intended to write about GamerGate, but it keeps coming up. If you are not familiar with the events that have unfolded, read »

Introducing Raspi-LLIO (Low Level I/O)

In preparation for the upcoming NodeBots Day in San Francisco, I have just published a new library for the Raspberry Pi, called raspi-llio (Low Level Input »